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Instant Proof Of Completion!

The Only humorous Defensive Driving Course approved in New York for point reduction and insurance discount.

Created by the famed Improv Comedy Club, our Improv Defensive Driving Course provides a convenient and cost-effective way to complete your defensive driving class online. Based on a simple notion that a Defensive Driving Course doesn't have to be dry and boring, our online defensive driving course has undergone numerous studies and have proven effective in reducing future tickets and accidents.

Simple to complete, with NO TEST, NO PROCTORS AND NO HIDDEN FEES

Instant Proof Of Completion!
Instant Proof Of Completion!

How Does it Work?

How Does it Work?

Click on the graphic below for more info on our New York Defensive Driving Course. We guarantee, it's the simplest defensive driving course to complete.

Instant Proof Of Completion!
Instant Proof Of Completion!

Point Reduction

Upon your completion of our Defensive Driving Course we will notify the New York DMV. The DMV will reduce four(4) Points off your driving record. If you have no points on your driver's record, you will still benefit from insurance reduction. This Defensive Driving Course can also be completed if you were ordered by a court or required by an employer

Instant Proof Of Completion!
Instant Proof Of Completion!

Insurance Discount

New York law requires that any insurance company offer you a minimum 10% discount in the base rate of your auto or motorcycle liability and collision coverage over 3 years upon a completion of a New York DMV- approved Defensive Driving Course. SAVE $100's

Instant Proof Of Completion!
Instant Proof Of Completion!

New York Defensive Driving Course

Following are the steps necessary to attend a NY defensive driving course online and get your auto insurance discount and point reduction:

  1. Every three years, all family members who are a principal driver of a vehicle on the insurance policy should take the NYS defensive driving course - Each driver will receive a 10% discount on the auto insurance policy.
    Example: Four family members with four vehicles on the policy will save 40%!
  2. Review the list of NYS DMV-Approved PIRP Providers.
  3. Choose the best online defensive driving course for you.
  4. Register for the NY State defensive driving course online as soon as possible
  5. Take and complete the NY online defensive driving course. Complete the course at your convenience in the same day or over 30 days; it's up to you!
  6. Log back into the course 30 minutes after completing the NY defensive driving class to download and print two copies of your insurance copy certificate of completion . Retain one copy for your records and submit the other copy to your insurance company to process your insurance rate discount. Please note: Your original certificate of completion will be mailed to you the very next day after you complete the course.
  7. Begin saving money on your auto insurance! Repeat every three years to renew and retain your insurance rate discount.
  8. The defensive driving school NY will electronically report your completion to the NYS DMV within 14 days so that they can process your four (4) point reduction against driver license suspension. Take the NY defensive driving course online every 18 months for point reduction/suspended license prevention purposes.
Instant Proof Of Completion!

What is Improv Comedy Defensive Driving?

One word – Edutainment*
* “Edutainment (also educational entertainment or entertainment-education)…

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Over 20 years of teaching traffic safety, 2 million satisfied customers, plus an A+ Better Business Bureau rating are some of the…

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Defensive Driving Course FAQ

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This was an excellent course! Easy to follow and kept my interest!

Shannon B., Oswego, NY

This is a good course, it reminded me of things I should know and forgot over the years of driving.

-Harris C., Hogansburg, NY

The course was very informative and interesting. A great way to make this information easy to absorb.

-Christopher D., Levittown, NY

Loved doing this at home, being able to take breaks when I needed them was awesome as I am disabled and sitting for a 6 hour class is nearly impossible. I have already recommended this course to friends and will continue to do so! Thanks for creating this course!

-Donna G., Wantagh, NY

I will never take this course in a class setting again. I liked being able to take it at my leisure, in the comfort of my own home. I didn't have to worry about getting to a class on time or having to find a babysitter for my children. It was interesting and entertaining. Thank you.

-Jill A., Flushing, NY

This was great. In today's day and age time is limited. This customized approach to obtaining a defensive driving certificate is long overdue. Thank you!!!

-Philip S., New York, NY

I found this course very interesting and entertaining. It was convenient for me, as I am a stay at home mom. The teacher made this course funny and enjoyable to watch...I truly learned a lot.

-Theresa A., Staten Island, NY

Taking it online was very easy to work into my schedule!

-Sarah H., Newfane, NY

My wife took this course a few years ago and I have to agree with her that it much easier to take at home than at some driving school. Thanks, great program.

-Richard B., Forest Hills, NY

I was pleased to find that I was already driving using many of the suggested practices recommended by this course but the delivery of this course, as compared with others, is infinitely better. Thanks.

-Stephen B., Babylon, NY

Really enjoyed this course. Nice having the flexibility of coming back to it whenever you like.

-Thomas L., Liverpool, NY

I think most drivers should take this course to refresh themselves on their own driving habits. Great online course.

-Michael O., Mechanicsville, NY

Love this online course. Very user friendly and easy to navigate. I've heard stories from friends of how diffucult it was to use other online DD Courses online and after I'd told them about my experience here on MyImprov.com they decided to use this site in the future. Thank you for creating such an awesome site. Also enjoyed the comedy video clips when I finished a chapter before allotted time.

-Terrell R., Peekskill, NY

I liked that I was able to schedule the course around my busy schedule.

-Maria M., Farmingville, NY

This is one of the best defensive driving courses you can take. The advice is very useful, and I actually remember everything. I apply the lessons later that same day when I am driving! Highly recommend this to anybody who needs the reduction in premiums or just wants to be a safer driver.

-Ann W., Fresh Meadows, NY

Absolutely loved hearing Charles Fleischer doing the narration!

-Dane D., Niagara Falls, NY

I initially did not believe a course like this, much so that it's an online one can be that effective. After completing it, I am a true believer and a changed driver. I highly recommend this alternative delivery method by Improv!

-Ramoncito D., New York, NY

I was pleased to find that I was already driving using many of the suggested practices recommended by this course but the delivery of this course, as compared with others, is infinitely better. Thanks.

-Stephen B., Babylon, NY

I am thankful to have had taken such a helpful, easy to use, defensive driving course. I learned a lot of interesting facts, statistics, and other information that will result in me becoming a better driver.

-Maxwell F., Yonkers, NY

I was very surprised at how easy and informative this course was. It helped me review my driving habits and allowed me to realise how adjustments I needed to make. I definitely believe that I will be a more conscious and considerate driver.

-Julio G., Queens, NY

The insurance reduction course was not boring at all. The content was informative and a great refresher.

-Maria N., Dix Hills, NY

This course was very convenient, engaging and interesting. I found there examples to be funny but at the same time they applied to real life situations. The system was very user friendly and i enjoy taking this course. Thank you!

-Kostantinos K., Bayside, NY

I was very happy to complete the course in my home rather than spend two nights elsewhere. The course was enjoyable, not boring. Thank you.

-Anne N., Lindenhurst, NY

I found it very convenient to use as I have a very busy life. I could return to it whenever I had a little bit of free time, it was great. Also I enjoyed the intro videos, very humorous, it kept my interest. Y

-Christine S., Plattsburgh, N

The defensive driving course was much easier than I had expected!

-Coleen W., Nunda, CA

I thought the course is really well done. The information is laid out well. I learned a lot of interesting facts and statistics that I never realized before.

-Jessica Z., Amsterdam, NY

This is so much better than going to a classroom. Better in a lot of ways. One the comfort of your home. Two it can be taken at your own pace. Third it was funny, interesting, and not at all boring. I learned a lot, laughed a lot and really truly enjoyed it. I'm glad this defensive driving course came out in New York.

- Daluza V. NY, NY

This was a breath of fresh air from the online continuing education course for real estate that I STILL have no finished because its so boring! This was very engaging and interesting and I will definitely recommend this defensive driving course to my friends and colleagues.

- Angela B. New York

There are so many statistics and facts that I was not aware of at all until taking this defensive driving course and learning more tips of being a safe and aware driver and person. My motivation was initially to lower my insurance premium and to further reduce it by removing points from my record which I received when I was younger and a more inexperienced driver. Now at my age and time in life I can appreciate this course and knowledge and apply it to my driving habits and practices and be one step closer to being a safe driver and being an example to other New York drivers new and old to be careful and learn from your mistakes and change your driving habits. Thank You"!

- Alan P. Buffalo, NY

Well, I have to be honest, it was one of the best experience in education ever!!!. I never thought that sitting alone facing the computer could so enjoyable and fun. They were able mix jokes with seriousness. And in many way, even it is hard to say, I am coming into realizing how bad of a driver I became. But from now one, I would do my best to change. This defensive driving course was really refreshing. Close to six hours passed I did not even realize it. Thank you for the experience, I do not regret a single second I spent in your company.

- MAMADOU C. Albany, New York

I took your online defensive driving course in NY and really enjoyed it very much and I am looking forward to taking it again J. I think it is the best thing that New York State has come up with as of late. I am going to recommend it to my friends and co-workers. Thank you!

- Alan M. New York, New York

Awesome Defensive Driving Course!

-Cindy A., Brooklyn , New York

The course is really Simple and Fun... Wow what a great service!!

-David Z. New York,

It was great, easy, and fun. I will recommend to my friends if they were to need your service. Thank you very much! Best defensive driving school I have taken so far.

-Ashley C, Buffalo New York

Thank you for offering this great defensive driving program in New York./p>

-Michael D. Albany, New York<

This is my second attempt at an online defensive driving school and this one was the best! I will recommend to all my friends!

-Bob F. Trenton, New Jersey

I must say I've heard horror stories from my friends about taking defensive driving school class. I honestly don't have one bad thing to say it was really simple and enjoyable.

-Andrew K. Long Island, New York

The Improv Traffic School has made this process an actual joy to experience. I've gained some knowledge, had a good time doing it and everyone who helped me on the phone was so incredibly kind and sweet. THANK YOU! Blessings.

-Caroline M. New York, NY

It was the BEST NEW YORK DEFENSIVE DRIVING SCHOOL that I ever took and I actually learned few things.

-Mike V., , Yonkers, New York

You can always count on Improv Traffic School... your customer service is fantastic. I made my entire family take your Internet Defensive Driving Course.

-Russell J., Tampa, Florida

What a great service for New York drivers... anyone can use an insurance discount in these hard times. Your accident prevention course rocks!

- Bill G. Buffalo, NY

Great Way to complete defensive driving and save on your insurance...

-Kenneth K. Brooklyn New York

Your customer support is outstanding… I will recommend this defensive driving course to all my friends.

-Erin H. Buffalo NY

I took a classroom defensive driving in NY few ears ago and this is so much better..just like you promised Fun Fast Done...

-Thanks Neil K.

What a great defensive driving course, every New Yorker should be required to take this.

Kathleen C. Brooklyn N.Y.

This defensive driving course is awesome!

Anthony D. Buffalo N.Y.

What a great way to save on your auto insurance

Cecil C. New York, New York

The course was very engaging and humorous. I loved the video clips but the comic strips and situations kept me laughing. I appreciate the fact of using humor for a boring class to keep the student's attention. Its very entertaining yet very informative. I would definitely recommend this defensive driving class instruction to others. I completed the course over a two day span since I drive a yellow cab for 12 hours from 5pm to 5am. This course was a breath of fresh air after a long, stress-filled night of driving. Thanks for a new perspective on this subject.

-Bashir A. Albany NY

This is really great service for NY drivers, this is my second time doing defensive driving and I really enjoy doing with you, after 3 years I will be back.

-Martha K. New York NY

I have taken the classroom course 3 times, and the last time the instructor was pretty entertaining. This course, however, was much more convenient and also entertaining.

-Sharon A. Brooklyn, NY

This course was excellent and entertaining while delivering important life saving information. I plan to see if IMPROV has other types of classes because their delivery was excellent.

-Kim B. Buffalo NY