How Do We Do It?

One word - Edutainment*

"*Edutainment (also Info-tainment or entertainment-education) is a form of entertainment designed to educate as well as to amuse. Edutainment typically seeks to instruct or socialize its audience by embedding lessons in some familiar form of entertainment." - Wikipedia

What would happen if you took entertainment genius of Budd Friedman, founder of the famed Improv Comedy Club and Evening at the Improv TV show, and married it to a defensive driving curriculum?

That was the idea Gary Alexander had in 1987, which gave birth to what went on to become one of the revolutionary concepts in defensive driving education.

In our award-winning defensive driving courses, the mundane traditional methods of presenting traffic safety information take a backseat. Instead, we utilize learning tools designed to entertain you while you learn. Our fun and simple presentation is based on a scientifically proven accident prevention curriculum that is humorously provocative, fun, simple and effective.

Complete New York Defensive Driving on your terms!


defensive driving course online

defensive driving course online

How Does the Online Defensive Driving Course Work?

There was never a simpler way to complete a New York Defensive Driving Course and Save on your NY Auto Insurance Rates!

Log in anywhere - anytime.

1. Start at work (we can keep a secret).

2. Do a little over lunch.

3. Come back a few days later and finish it over a cup of coffee at your local Starbucks!

Of course doing it at home is always an option.

We allow you to log in and out of the course as many times as you like, as long as you complete the entire course within 30 days of your registration (per NYS DMV requirement).

The course is available 24/7, so you decide when and how long to study. We will keep track of your progress and will remind you where you left when you come back.

The course is broken down into 10 short modules (about 30 min. each) consisting of a multimedia presentation and supporting review text.

The credit is given in 5-minute increments, so you can complete an entire course or just part of the module anytime you log in.

Due to our state-of-the art technology, NO Final Exam is required. Just complete a simple 3-question quiz (you only need 1 correct answer to pass). Keep moving on to through chapters until you finish all 10 modules.

Once you are done, we will process your NY Defensive Driving completion certificate the same day and will notify NYS DMV of your completion at no extra cost.

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new york defensive driving course Free Trial on new york defensive driving course

For additional information on Defensive Driving Courses in New York, please see the FAQs section of our website. Our NY Defensive Driving Point and Insurance Reduction courses (PIPR) have undergone numerous traffic safety studies and time after time have proven to be effective in reducing future traffic collisions and traffic tickets. Our defensive driving courses are approved by a number of jurisdictions across the country for Traffic School Defensive Driving Clinics and Point/Insurance Reduction Courses, including California Superior Courts, California Department of Motor Vehicles, Florida DMV, New York DMV, New Jersey Commission on Motor Vehicles, Virginia DMV and many others.